"Suparna has inspired me to pursue a coaching qualification, and tailor the way I work to make myself happier. The only thing blocking me beforehand was myself, and Suparna allowed me to move past this."

Rachel Power



Suparna focuses on executive & leadership development

Her clients are founders and D & C-Suite executives of the world's top ranking global organisations.

She focuses on executive leadership & team development and motivation, and has coached numerous executives on optimising their leadership and management styles so that they get the best out of their careers and teams.

Suparna has a passion for helping leaders develop executive presence and discover their own unique leadership style; she believes that understanding and owning who we are is the key to best-practice leadership and a fulfilling workplace for all.

By helping her clients find the keys to best - practice leadership her clients:

♥ Develop executive presence & influence
♥ Discover their unique leadership brand
♥ Step into their power and own their successes.

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Transform into an inspiring leader

What lights me up is to see my clients after discovering their light inside, accepting who they are and shining!     

What I am committed to is supporting wo(men) as they rise to the top with the ultimate aim that gender is no longer a ‘thing’, and what matters is individuality.

Discovering and connecting with your Why, making that the guiding principle in all that you do feels like taking a deep breathe of fresh air. It will help transform you into an inspired & inspiring leader.

Transformation, according to the ACE™ model is how you think and how you make sense of the world. This is how true change occurs.

My Way

There are over 1500 members of the McLaren F1 team, who practice for months on end so that 22 members can step out for all of 4 seconds.

My approach at the Suparna Way is holistic, focusing on the bigger picture of you. As a result, you are equipped with life-long skills for better decision making, and accomplishing your organisation's strategic goals. 

  • What I want for you

    ♥ To express yourself

    ♥ To be who you want

    ♥ To feel lovedTo feel peace

    ♥ To be clear

    ♥ To be bold

    ♥To be powerful

    ♥To be BADASS

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