Group Trainings

In addition to working with individuals, I run in-house group training sessions. Companies including Fujitsu and Natixis Bank's internal Women's Network have invited me to run the popular Rise with Confidence events for their senior leaders.

The training sessions are enjoyable, educational, interactive and transformative.

"It’s really useful to have time to be forced to think about certain things –like what do I really want and how could I go about getting it.  Quite often you have the thought and then get distracted and don’t think about it again for 3 months.I know these sessions will not change the way the bank works but it helps us to understand what we can do within the constrains that we have.Thanks"

"Many thanks () for arranging this workshop.The topic was relevant, the coach was amazing and the interaction with the colleagues was very instructive.I found it good to open it to men.I hope you will be able organise more of these.”

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