How I broke through fight-flight-freeze mode – (don’t miss the special Positive Intelligence course offer below) + How to reduce stress through self kindness

Three weeks ago I blissfully emerged from my yoga class in London, to messages from my brother about my father being hospitalised. I was petrified and in a state of shock, fearing the worst. Decisions needed to be made, beyond what I was to have for breakfast that morning post yoga.

There was much I needed to do, I had to find a clinic to adminster a PCR test for travel once again (which, panicked I did not check to see if it was necessary – it wasn’t), I would need to pack, find a flight. Instead of jumping to it I found myself in a state of paralyses. I was in ‘freeze’ mode.

Fortunately, I was walking home through a park and I stopped to sit on a bench and took some breaths, noticed the clouds in the sky, watched the autumn leaves rustle on the trees and managed to find some calm and thinking space.

From there, I proceeded to check off the list and get to India as soon as I could. It has now been 3 weeks, my father is out of hospital and out of danger, making slow progress.

Positive Intelligence

All this was made possible by the simple tools I have acquired through a practice known as Positive Intelligence.

Positive Intelligence, or PQ as it is affectionately referred to, allowed me to switch my brain from panic and survial, or fight, flight and freeze mode, back to the logic part of my brain. Made possible by regularly practising the short exercises. Sounds magical doesn’t it?

The course has been life changing for me, and for clients I have taken through it.

Special offer

I have 4 spaces available to step into a 6 – week PQ program that will include instructional videos by the founder Shirzad Chamin

If you are interested in experiencing the 6-week Positive Intelligence program that involves a little reading and a few simple exercises, I have 4 spaces for a group for £250 each. I’m able to offer this rate, because I am currently in training with Shirzad to certify to deliver the training.

That will include coaching facilitated by me alongside to help you achieve a state of mental fitness.
The program is perfect for anyone who finds themselves

  • Procrastinating
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Want to be more assertive, creative and efficient

The program has proven to

* Improve team performance by 31%,
* Increase creativity by 3x, and
* Result in a happier you
(based on research by multiple sources)

In the words of one of my clients, “it has been life-changing“.

And another states that,

“Doing the PQ course has given me a strong understanding of my decision making processes. Not just the final steps of the decision itself but what’s led me to the situation and why I’m there. This is allowing me to take much more control and be strategic and more thoughtful in my interactions and engagements professionally and personally.”

You can reply to this email directly to express your interest.

I’m gushing a bit over Dan Harris’s TED today. It is charming, brimming with self-awareness

Dan Harris, former ABC news anchor humourosly describes how he changed his relationships by tuning into the voices in his own head .

The title of Dan’s books is 10% Happier, How I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works – a true story. That says it all.

Watch and enjoy Dan’s talk

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