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Compassionate Communications in the workplace for charities - webinar

Sitting on the board of a charity, and consulting for another, I recognised a need to make this program on how to have challenging conversations in the workplace available to other charities.

We have developed a program specifically for all not for profits, based on the work we have done with charities, so that they too can benefit from and develop an effective leadership culture of trust & transparency.

As a growing startup we wanted to create a framework for our team to help with challenging conversations at work, to enable the growth of individuals and the organisation. Having run Suparna’s program to the ELT effectively, we are now rolling it out to other managers in the organisation and will now run this for all new starters. Suparna’s program has helped us have more open communication within the organisations, managing up and down. I would recommend this program to all other charities.

Lainey Gough, Director of Operations & Impact, Access Social Care

“How to help with challenging conversations to enable the growth of individuals and the organisation”


• Are you quietly seething because you are unable to express yourself?

• Does feedback make you want to shrink?

• Are you afraid to tell a colleague  or a reportee what you think for fear of hurting their feelings?

• Is your lack of effective communication holding you back from effectively leading your team?

It is possible to communicate clearly, honestly AND with compassion. With simple, small tweaks you too can speak your mind with clarity and impact. Whilst being compassionate, to become the type of leader who inspires.

We are holding a free webinar on 8 February at 11am UK time,  to give you a taster of how to have difficult conversations at work, avoid conflict, and be more effective.

Begin 2023 on a high and get this in your diary now!

This discussion will show you how to:

  • Avoid unnecessary conflict
  • Understand difficult conversations
  • Learn how to give feedback safely, and so it is understood
  • Receive feedback gracefully
  • Increase levels of confidence and
  • Help with career progression through effective communication
  • Become and inspiring leader, develop a trusted team

We look forward to sharing our experties on how to have effective conversations in the workplace whilst avoiding conflict.

Join our webinar on 8 February 2023 at 11am

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