The secret ingredient for powerful & confident speaking

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Many of my fabulous clients come with the objective and desire to speak and communicate well. In particular to large audiences. Here is a secret that is not a secret – there is one ingredient above all else that will make you an excellent speaker, one who everyone stops and listens to. That one magic ingredient is self-trust.

How do I achieve that, I hear you ask. Quite simply by deeping your own self-awareness. According to Caroline Goyder, the best-selling author of Gravitas says this:

Great speakers are always great listeners first. They listen to their audiences, they listen to themselves. Great speakers are also readers. Great speakers are also writers. Words are the source. And when you feed your thinking, when you read, when you form ideas into writing, all of that feeds into your speaking.

Caroline Goyder

Read this article for 12 strategies to trust yourself. These include:

  • Self Compassion
  • Giving yourself permission (did you know you could do that?)
  • Embracing vulnerability
  • Enforcing personal boundaries
  • Going inwards, listeninng to yourself
  • Express yourself, authentically
  • Understand and know what truly matters to you
  • Visualise success
  • Accept your imperfection
  • Communicate honestly
  • Trust your intuition
  • Process your thoughts (journal) (this is my own entry)
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