Are gender neutral targets on the horizon?

The FTSE Women Leaders Review this week revealed significant strides made on boards and overall in leadership for women.
When I first established this business over 10 years ago, the conversation centered around women securing a minimum 30% of leadership positions and board roles.

Companies in the FTSE 100 now boast 42% women on boards and the FTSE 250 43%. Women’s representation in leadership stands at 35.2%

Which seems low, given in an ideal world merit alone would qualify an individual for any role. This highlights the necessity to create opportunities to build a suitable pipeline for future leaders.

Indeed, a world in which we chase gender-neutral targets could be in sight. What needs to happen is a cultural shift so that a more balanced division appears normal.

You can view the full FTSE Women Leaders Review 2023 here.

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Graphic demonstrating progress for women on boards
Denise Wilson, Chief Executive of FTSE Women Leaders Review
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