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Talking to a friend about her vactation to Mykonos, a little drool forming on the corners of my mouth, I pondered for the 1 millionth time that I could do with a holiday. As a business owner one would think I had the luxury to book one as and when I desired. Not true. As a business owner I feel guilty.

Whether I like it or not currently my time equals money, I don’t work, I don’t earn. I can hear the horror in the faces of all the voices shouting out about crypto currency, passive income and earning money whilst I sleep. Or in this case while I’m switched off on a beautiful beach. I hear you, but I’m not there yet.

Upon sending an email to schedule a meeting today I received the following automatic response, “Hello!  Research says that holidays are good for the brain. I am therefore following this sound advice and will be out the office and not checking my email..”

Apparently I have been looking at this the wrong way. Taking some time off is not bad for business, as I confirmed. It is in fact just what the injection of creativity my business (and I need). Studies by the Cleveland Clinic found that allowing the brain to rest has plenty of advantages, such as better productivity, motivation and creativity.

The DMN, or default mode network part of the brain activates when the brain isn’t having to process information. ““There’s some science to suggest that what our brains do when they’re not actively processing information is pretty important,….When we let our minds wander, it can be replenishing.” This is from Dr. Bea

If you think scrolling through your Instagram or Tik Tok feed is relaxing think again. The mind needs to switch off in order to replenish.

The DMN, or the ‘mind wandering’ technique is how our brain can truly recharge. Staring at the sea for hours allows the creative juices of the mind to flow.

I don’t need any further evidence, I’m taking myself off for a restorative vacation, on a beach, so that I can return as my most creative & motivated self.

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