The most undervalued skill in the world

A few days before Christmas an HR Director was appointed to do the gruelling task of relieving 50% of this tech companie’s staff of their jobs. They followed a trend set by the tech giants and one that is widespread now across the tech industry globally.

The emotional impact on the HR Director, not to mention the distress caused to the employees and their families was immense. The American Medical Association likens losing a job second to losing a loved one.

That is why it is vitally important for leaders to focus on a skill that is in fact hard, but considered soft and that is of empathy.

Empathy and leadership go hand in hand. Being an effective leader means having the ability to be aware of, understand, and appreciate the emotions and perspectives of those around you. Empathy is essential for effective communication, team building, and problem solving – all key components of successful leadership. Here are five reasons why empathy is important for leaders:

  1. Empathy helps leaders to better understand the needs of their team and build stronger relationships.
  2. It promotes a sense of trust and respect between leaders and their team.
  3. Empathy encourages creativity and innovation, allowing leaders to come up with more creative solutions to difficult problems.
  4. It helps leaders to be more patient when dealing with difficult situations.
  5. It enables leaders to better motivate and inspire their team, leading to higher levels of performance.

Empathy is a vital trait for any leader to have, and it is an important tool for achieving success, motivation and gaining trust.

A skill that may not be inherent or natural for some, however by taking actions they can ensure they treat their employees with dignity and respect.

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