A message for the New Year

For the last 6 months I have enjoyed a nightly ritual of writing a gratitude list, and I can honestly report it has awoken my ability to observe the glass as half full.

Along with gratitude, in 2023 in life and in my business I want to practice being present and level-headed. That is, not allowing my thoughts to seesaw and drag me into a future fantasy. Taking my cues from the resurgence of the ancient stoic philosophy which promotes becoming a clear and unbiased thinker.

This journal by the writer and media strategist Ryan Holiday is waiting for me back in London to help me along.

I love what Ryan (Holiday) shared on one of his older blogs:

…Live in the present moment,” he says, “…don’t obsess over what has happened in the past or lose yourself in visions of the future. Focus on what is right here, right in front of you.

As Marcus Aurelius reminded himself:

‘What matters right now is right now. Enjoy it.’

Ryan Holiday

With these thoughts I would like to wish you a happy, peaceful, and sparkly 2023.

Coming up in January:​

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