Happy Holidays

My my, has the year flown by. It is now time to put your feet up and gain some much needed rest and relaxation, as well as all important family time.

For the Suparna Way, much of this year has been dedicated to continued delivery of excellent leadership development programs for female leaders in some of the world’s largest organisations alongside my partner organisations, Edit DevelopmentWomen on Boards and Bravanti

I have had the privilege to coach some phenomenal professionals in areas such as decision making, career development, executive presence and development and confidence, to name just a few areas. Should you wish to schedule some time to talk to me, about coaching or anything of these topics drop me a message below with ‘consultation request’ in the subject, I would love to speak with you.

Positive Intelligence training now sits alongside my coaching engagements. ‘PQ’, developed by Shirzad Chamin provides training to help rewire the brain to achieve mental fitness. It helps you clearly identify your blockers, and place you back in the driving seat. If you are a people pleaser, procrastinator, or even a perfectionist you may like to register your interest to participate in the 6-week bootcamp.

I’m thrilled to share I launched a new program this year called Compassionate Communication in the Workplace. This program helps in communicating effectively and clearly, and helps create trusting relationships in the workplace, whilst avoiding conflict. Why not register for my upcoming free webinar on 25 January today?

No matter what the year has been like for you, I hope you can take stock of all that you have accomplished this year and everything you are grateful for. Most of all, I hope the end of the year brings you some rest, relaxation, and precious time with your family.

Wish you and your family good health, love and connection over the holiday period. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a Happy New Year!

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